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The Jim Moran College of Entrepreneurship welcomes a new Master of Science degree in Entrepreneurship with a major in product development. The product development entrepreneurship major in the Master of Science in Entrepreneurship program (MSE) will advance the knowledge and skills of students so that they can bring unique value to companies of any maturity level that are working in new product design and development. The face-to-face classes offered in this program will provide MSE students with a hands-on engaging experience to develop abilities in innovation and commercialization and then implement and execute in today’s highly competitive and lucrative fields of new venture creation as well as government & corporate product development. This program includes an optional international study abroad component that provides the exposure and experience for MSE students to operate effectively in entrepreneurial and professional workforce global product development settings.

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Admission Requirements 

The GRE requirement is being waived until 2026.

Admission to graduate study at Florida State University is a two-fold evaluation process. The Office of Admissions determines eligibility for admission to the University, and the academic department determines admissibility to the degree program. Final admission to the University is subject to approval by the Office of Admissions. The minimum university graduate admission requirement is all students must hold a bachelor’s or graduate degree from a regionally accredited U.S. institution, or a comparable degree from an international institution.

We admit students to our main-campus graduate program for fall semester only. Admissions decisions will be sent via email to the email address included in your application. Early Decision: March 1. Applications close: July 1. 

Application Process

  • Complete and submit the University Admissions Office’s Online Application. Materials to be submitted within the application are as follows:
    • Current Resume or C.V.
    • Applicant Statement Questions (online form)
    • Two (2) letters of recommendation – at least one academic reference letter is required (recommendation letters are submitted electronically through the online application)
    • Pay a non-refundable application fee of $30. Applications will not be reviewed until the fee has been paid
  • Submit a completed Residency Affidavit. All applicants must submit this form, which is completed online through the application portal
  • Arrange for copies of official transcripts to be sent from each college or university attended. These must come from the schools; student copies of unofficial transcripts are not acceptable for formal admission
    • Unofficial or student copies are acceptable to evaluate applications, but official transcripts directly from the institutions are required for formal admission to Florida State University
    • Current or recently graduated FSU students are not required to submit official transcripts unless you have attended other institutions after graduating from FSU
  • International applicants: Official English Language Proficiency results are required of all international applicants whose native language is not English. Please visit FSU’s Graduate School International Admissions website to view more information.

Program Requirements

The MSE degree, with a major in product development, requires a total of 30 credit hours:

Core Curriculum

The current core curriculum (9 credit hours) required to be taken by all MSE students includes the following:

  • ENT5128 Strategy Formulation (3 hrs)
  • ENT5216 Foundations in Entrepreneurship and Leadership (3 hrs)
  • ENT5417 Accounting and Finance for Entrepreneurs (3 hrs)

Major Curriculum

All MSE Product Development Entrepreneurship students are required to take the following major curriculum (21 credit hours):

  • ENT5225 Human Resource Management for Entrepreneurs (3 hrs)
  • ENT5246 Promotional and Pricing Implementation (3 hrs)
  • ENT5606 Product Development Analytics (3 hrs)
  • ENT5608 Product Design (3 hrs)
  • ENT5609 Prototyping
  • ENT5936 Product Development Colloquium (3 hrs)
  • Internship, IP experience, or one elective (3 hrs)

International Experience Curriculum

An international program (IP) experience is highly encouraged. The following IP opportunities are available throughout the year:

Program Costs 

The MSE Product Development program requires 30 credit hours:

Florida residents: $479.32 (tuition plus fees) per credit hour. Total estimated program cost is $14,379.60.
Non-Florida Residents: $1,110.72 (tuition plus fees) per credit hour. Total estimated program cost is $33,321.60.

Costs are subject to change. Fees do not include some per-term flat fees for FSUCard and facilities use. For a breakdown of on-campus student fees and their explanations, visit the university’s Tuition Rates page.

You may also visit Florida State’s financial aid website for more information on types of financial aid.