The Jim Moran College of Entrepreneurship offers a diverse and wide range of internship possibilities for Commercial, Social, Retail and Product Development businesses and non-profit organizations. Internships are designed to expand the knowledge students have gained from the classroom and applying it while enhancing needed skills in a professional business or non-profit organization.
Value of an internship includes:

  • Opportunity to ensure an internship in the industry that matches the student’s interest.
  • Opportunity to test drive a company, position and location that the student is interested in.
  • Hands on learning experiences from experts in business.
  • Strengthening leadership and management skills that will be transferable to one’s own business one day.
  • Opportunity to build a reputation, brand and network.
  • No matter where the student’s interest and skills lie, an internship is key in giving an edge in growing professional and personal values, strengths, and readiness to begin a journey.