Commercial & Social Internships

The Jim Moran College of Entrepreneurship Internship Program launched its first internship class during the Summer of 2018 when 65 students participated in commercial and social entrepreneurial internships both domestically and abroad.

As a requirement for Entrepreneurship majors, the internship experience is coordinated by Mr. Jim McLaughlin. This internship may be the first introduction to the career field that a student is studying but it will motivate the student to seek additional knowledge and skills in a real world work setting. This internship will build a student’s brand, confidence and vision preparing the student for their professional journey.

The opportunities are endless to prepare for a successful career- from banking, consulting, entertainment, hospitality, insurance, logistics, real estate, marketing, social media, non-profit organizations and a variety of startup companies.

We look forward to talking with each student about internship and career opportunities that builds each student’s passion!