Retail Internships

The Retail Entrepreneurship Internship Program has been successfully placing interns in real-world work experiences for over 35 years and works with an amazing list of internship partners that includes over 250 outstanding companies across the nation and around the world.

As a requirement in the Retail Entrepreneurship major, this internship experience will be coordinated by Ms. Roxanne Parker. The internship is carefully structured to ensure a meaningful experience and is also faculty-supervised.

The opportunities are endless to prepare for a successful career- from retail operations to sourcing, buying and planning, public relations, media, and product development service and industry organizations. Students can pursue opportunities at both the corporate and business field levels.

The Retail Internship Program has enjoyed a 100% placement rate over the years, with many interns accepting permanent positions as a result of their internship placement, or with the offer of their internship position.

We would love to talk to each student about internship and career opportunities in the exciting world of Retail Entrepreneurship!