STEM Internships

Entrepreneurship in the world of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) is a rapidly growing and exciting field that spans across almost every industry sector and impacts almost every aspect of modern society.​

From energy to manufacturing and software to prototype development, STEM entrepreneurship captures the essence of using Science, Engineering, Math and Technology to produce revenue generating business models.

Dr. Jeffrey Whalen offers a course every spring semester called “Enough To Be Dangerous” that is aimed at teaching students how to be effective entrepreneurs in STEM enabled ventures by touring the Tallahassee area startups, established companies, innovation foundries and ecosystem building organizations.​

Through the Jim Moran College Internship Program, students can get placement advising in exciting opportunities with companies and organizations that have products and services enabled by STEM, contribute to the STEM innovation and commercialization ecosystem and are key players in the STEM fields.​

Some examples of the growing list of JMS Internship Program potential partner organizations that embrace STEM innovation in their core cultures are below:​

  • The National High Magnetic Field Lab (Tallahassee, FL; Los Alamos, NM; Gainesville, FL)​
  • Danfoss Turbocor (Tallahassee, FL)​
  • TeligentEMS (Tallahassee, FL)​
  • Warner Bros Studio (Los Angeles, CA)​
  • Scout Boats (Summerville, SC)​
  • Georgia Institute of Technology (Atlanta, GA)​
  • University of California Los Angeles (Los Angeles, CA)​
  • MD5 Defense Accelerator (Washington DC)​
  • Tallahassee Office of Economic Vitality (Tallahassee, FL)​
  • ​And more!​