Current Residents

Since Fall 2021

Owner: Dylan Reeve

HR Creation helps everyone from entrepreneurs to enterprises by drastically increasing the ROI from their digital marketing efforts. Our main goal is to deliver our clients high quality marketing teams, at an affordable rate.

Since Spring 2021

Owners: Gabriel Mustaciuolo & Samantha Salstein

Hygge Rugs’ mission is to give our customers the opportunity to express their creativity and passion in a tufted form, allowing us to personally help them transform their space.

Since Fall 2021

Owner: Juan Silva

NutriHive is an online platform from which people can control or change anything that has to do with their nutritional health from the comfort of their homes. This venture provides an online community from which one can shop for healthy products, connect with experts, and learn about basic nutrition. No longer will people have to search through multiple health guru sites and be overwhelmed by contradicting information.

The venture was founded by Juan Silva in 2021 at the Jim Moran College of Entrepreneurship after his mother fell ill with fibromyalgia. After spending years looking for the treatment for this rare case, it all came down to basic nutrition. This inspired Juan to create NutriHive so that people can find answers quickly, at a low cost, and without the corruption from the health industry. Nutrihive’s mission is to build a trusted community from which one can live a healthy lifestyle.

Since Spring 2022

Owner: Trenton Tarala

Sitefina is a full spectrum marketing agency that was created to help you grow your company online. This includes services such as website design, digital marketing, branding, content creation & consulting. The world we live in today requires your company to have a competitive and professional online presence in order to keep up with your competitors and Sitefina is your one-stop-shop for getting it done.

Since Summer 2021

Owners: Emmanuel Francois, Peter Napoleon, Rubens Rene, Rodney Louima

Üni is a company that is dedicated to servicing the needs of college students from Florida State, FAMU, and TCC. Our initial services include rental moving equipment with storage opportunities and residential cleaning for off-campus housing. We are dedicated to offering students time and convenience at affordable rates so that they can live the Üni life to the fullest!

Since Spring 2021

Owner: Sixtus Kuudaar

VisionX is an Artificial Intelligence and Augmented Reality real estate marketing service targeting people who are searching for a home to rent or buy. VisionX is providing a cheap, simple, and research supported intervention that addresses the #1 reason people cannot get information like home prices and availability just by seeing houses and apartments on the street. VisionX is an app that is saving the world billions of dollars in wasted time and preventable long searches, while providing a natural feel of our environment and a greater edge for real estate companies to stick out a good impression with their construction. VisionX allows you to See and experience the world in a whole new dimension of computer vision and augmented reality (AR) like you have never seen before.