Three Special Entrepreneurship Courses for 2018 Spring Semester

Fascinating, interactive classes are open to students of all majors

ENT 4934, Section 05: Enough to Be Dangerous

Enough To Be Dangerous Course LogoThe name of this course says it all. Entrepreneurs must know enough about every aspect of running a business “to be dangerous,” and that means students learn how to make decisions on a higher level for the good of a business. This course provides an interactive tour of STEM commercialization and it’s designed to accommodate the knowledge levels of undergraduate students with or without a STEM-based major. The goal of the course is to educate students about STEM commercialization, startups and the transfer of technology so they are equipped with a broader focus of running a business — knowing “enough to be dangerous” to succeed in a real-world setting.

*There are no prerequisites required for this course.

ENT4934, Section 08: The Themed Experience

This is a hands-on course that provides an overview of the value of creating a themed experience for a business’ customers. Students learn the concepts and techniques of themed experiences that have proven successful in the past, as well as current trends in retail venues and other sectors of the economy. The course demonstrates how to use storytelling in the design of a themed experience, and it includes field trips, guest speakers and interactive final projects to emphasize those lessons.

Section 1: Tuesday, Thursday 11am-12:15pm
Section 2: Tuesday, Thursday 3:35pm- 4:50pm

*There are no prerequisites required for this course.

ENT 4934, Section 10: Makers Class: Mechatronics for NonEngineering Majors

Instructor: Dr. Camilo Ordonez —

Mechatronics is valuable for all entrepreneurs today. It’s a combination of many engineering areas — mechanical, electrical, computer and more — that helps maximize the function of a manufacturing system or product. Examples are everywhere in the economy of the 21st century, including art, music, medicine, education and chemistry, and a basic understanding of mechatronics helps nonengineers find solutions that can lead to rewarding entrepreneurial opportunities.

This course introduces students to programming, microcontrollers, simple actuators and sensor technology. The main goal is to demonstrate how to capture an innovative business idea and turn it into a working prototype. The only prerequisite for the class is the willingness to learn basic programming, electronics and simple mechanisms.

The course is divided into three sections:

  1. Importance of Mechatronics
  2. Basic Concepts in Mechatronics
  3. Prototyping

In the first section, students identify problems of interest that could be addressed with a mechatronics solution. In the second section, students learn about various tools, such as microcontrollers, motors and sensors. In the third section, students take a creative idea and use mechatronics to develop a prototype. Students from any major are welcome.

*There are no prerequisites required for this course.