Combined Pathways in Entrepreneurship

What is a combined pathway program?:
The combined Bachelor’s/Master’s Pathways Program provides academically talented students an opportunity to complete a Bachelor’s and a Master’s degree. These partially structured pathways allow for up to 12 graduate credit hours to be shared with, or double-counted toward, an undergraduate degree program, as long as that double-counting is considered appropriate by the faculty curriculum committees and academic administrators over the program. The Jim Moran College currently offers Combined Pathways for all of our Master's programs. Find more information on each master's program here

Programs Offered:
The Jim Moran College of Entrepreneurship offers four graduate majors, Product Development, Social and Sustainable Enterprises, Textiles and Apparel Entrepreneurship, and Hospitality Entrepreneurship. The Hospitality Entrepreneurship major is a collaborative program between the Jim Moran College of Entrepreneurship (JMC) and the Dedman College of Hospitality (DCH) at Florida State University. Undergraduate students participating in this program will be top students in any of the undergraduate majors in both colleges.

The combined pathway program will allow 12 hours of graduate-level courses (5000+) to be counted towards one of the four different undergraduate degrees at JMC or DCH and one of the four graduate majors in the Entrepreneurship MS degree program. The undergraduate programs include Retail Entrepreneurship, STEM Entrepreneurship, Commercial Entrepreneurship, Hospitality and Tourism Management, Global Club Management and Leadership, and Recreation and Tourism Management.

Undergraduate students involved in the combined degree program will have the opportunity to focus on undergraduate and graduate courses relevant to the entrepreneurship or hospitality area. These students will have early exposure to research- and project-oriented graduate-level courses and will gain skills in identifying research problems, developing sizeable industry-specific projects, conducting independent research, and presenting research results. Such experience will help prepare them for the graduate school environment.

Eligibility and Retention Policy:
An undergraduate student wishing to enroll in a combined BS/MS Entrepreneurship program must meet the following criteria to apply:

  1. has been certified into an undergraduate degree program in the FSU Jim Moran College of Entrepreneurship or Dedman College of Hospitality
  2. has completed at least 60 overall credit hours, with at least 12 credit hours in the undergraduate major
  3. has an overall FSU GPA of at least 3.2
  4. has an overall GPA of at least 3.5 in all major courses attempted

Combined Pathway students must earn a 3.0 GPA (B average) or higher in their double-counted courses for their work to count toward the master’s degree. The graduate classes are more advanced than the undergraduate classes they are replacing and will provide additional information needed to meet the standard skills and knowledge required by the university and expected by employers hiring master’s graduates.

Graduate School Admission:
Students accepted to a Combined Pathway will still be required to apply separately to the master’s degree program. Students should do this during the first semester of their senior year and must submit their application by the posted deadline. Students can work with a graduate advisor when starting the application process. While students entering a Combined Pathway are typically on track for admission to a master’s program, students must meet all application requirements. Visit to learn more about what application materials will be needed, including resume, recommendation letters, personal statements, etc. GRE requirements have been waived until Fall 2026 admissions.

Please feel free to contact Lisha Stafford with any questions.

Please complete the following steps if you are interested in pursuing a combined bachelor's/master's program:

    1. Complete the following application with all necessary information and acknowledgments and submit it to your Undergraduate Advisor.

      Combined Pathways Application

    2. Schedule an appointment with Lisha Stafford to complete an academic plan and tracking for your Combined Pathways program.
    3. When in your last year of the undergraduate combined pathway program, complete a graduate school application for the intended graduate program.