Body Scanning Lab

Faculty Contact: Dr. Jessica Ridgway Clayton

Equipment Available: Size Stream SS20 Body Scanner

Training: Training by a faculty member is required to use this equipment.

Scheduling/Utilizing the Space: This lab is used for research and teaching. The schedule is coordinated by those faculty members who utilize the space.

A multifaceted piece of technology, the 3D body scanner, allows for the collection of over 600 body measurements in seconds. However, the collection of body measurements is only the initial benefit of this technology, as many industries including health, fitness, and retail, are taking advantage of this exciting new technology. For instance, the retail industry is using body scanning in two primary ways: (1) to aid in the product development process and (2) to enhance customer experiences. During product development, retailers use the body scanner to help evaluate the fit of a garment and may use the body scanner to help collect data on a target market to adjust sizing standards to suit the needs of their customers. Retailers are currently looking for new innovative ways to drive foot traffic to brick-and-mortar locations, one solution is to offer body scanning in-store. Customers can get scanned and their measurements can be used to recommend the correct size and even styles that might be best for their body type. Additionally, retailers can use the body scanner to create avatars to enhance their customer's online shopping experience.