About the EARL Lab

Welcome to the Entrepreneurship and Adversity Research (EARL) Lab! 

EARL was founded in 2023 as a research lab dedicated to exploring entrepreneurship within contexts of adversity. Specifically, we focus on topics related to the challenges faced by various marginalized groups, including those affected by poverty, gender inequality, racial discrimination, immigration hurdles, crises, and other forms of disadvantage. 

We believe that entrepreneurship can be a transformative mechanism for individuals and communities facing different types of adversity. 

Through our comprehensive research agenda and collaborative efforts, we work on a varied portfolio of research projects, using both qualitative and quantitative research methods, which aim to uncover insights that can empower individuals and communities to navigate adversity.

If you are interested in learning more and join our group, contact Dr. Susana C. Santos at ssantos@jmc.fsu.edu.

Learn more about our work in topics related to entrepreneurship and adversity: 



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Other Valuable Resources and Partnerships 

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