Visiting Scholars

The Jim Moran Visiting Scholars Program aims to foster innovative research collaborations between Florida State University entrepreneurship faculty and an expansive, interdisciplinary network of scholars from around the world. This program aims to support research collaborations in the areas of entrepreneurial mindset, entrepreneurship ecosystems, entrepreneurship education, entrepreneurial orientation and resilience, entrepreneurship under conditions of adversity, family business, social and/or sustainable entrepreneurship, and the nexus between entrepreneurship and public policy. 

The main objectives of this program include:

  • Encouraging the initiation of novel, collaborative entrepreneurship research projects between JMC faculty and a broad array of scholars, including those from non-business fields or those based outside of the United States.
  • Promoting the creation of impactful research aimed at publication in premier entrepreneurship journals.
  • Supporting research translation through dissemination of key findings to JMI’s practitioner audiences – there must be some form of deliverable tied to each (e.g., a talk or presentation, a short form article geared towards practitioners, engagement in a podcast session).

Through generous support from the Jim Moran College and the Jim Moran Institute for Global Entrepreneurship, up to four scholars each year are provided financial support and access to Florida State University's extensive entrepreneurship research resources through this program.