Graduate Certificate in Entrepreneurship

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A graduate certificate in Entrepreneurship will develop a student’s ability to analyze industry-specific issues from a global perspective, foster critical thinking, and enhance the tangible and intangible skills needed for today’s highly competitive, yet lucrative field of entrepreneurship. The graduate certificate in Entrepreneurship will offer students case-study learning while providing opportunities for innovative, hands-on application. Students will take introductory graduate courses in entrepreneurship and leadership and then specialized courses within the current existing graduate programs. Courses are designed and kept relevant through input from the college’s full-time faculty, and the approximate 30 Entrepreneurs-In-Residence (EIR) employed in other academic units across FSU’s campus. The linchpin and focal point of this action is the creation of an interdisciplinary entrepreneurship curriculum.

Students from all academic disciplines will be encouraged to pursue this graduate certificate so they may expand their knowledge in their chosen field by tying it to an entrepreneurial career, thus enabling students to pursue their passion and at the same time create a successful entrepreneurial venture around that chosen field.

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Admission Requirements 

Students are encouraged to apply to the certificate program before taking any program courses; however, students may complete an application prior to the completion of the second course counted towards this certificate program.
The following are required for admission to the program:

  • Students must be admitted to Florida State University as either a non-degree seeking graduate student or a current FSU student enrolled in a graduate program.
    • FSU Non-Degree Application (Deadlines - Spring: Dec 1; Summer: May 1; Fall: Aug 1). Consult with the JMC Graduate Admissions Coordinator for specific requirements. Applicants are recommended to have a 3.0 upper-division undergraduate GPA and be in good standing with their previous university.
    • Students currently enrolled in a graduate degree program at FSU must have a 3.0 grade-point average (GPA) in their graduate coursework.
  • In addition to applying to the university, students must submit a separate application to the Jim Moran College of Entrepreneurship Graduate Certificate program in Entrepreneurship prior to completing the second certificate course. The certificate application is available below.

Application Process

Program Requirements

The graduate certificate in Entrepreneurship requires a total of 12 credit hours:

Core Curriculum

The current core curriculum (6 credit hours) is required to be taken by all Entrepreneurship graduate certificate students:

  • ENT5216 Foundations in Entrepreneurship and Leadership (Fall)
  • ENT5417 Accounting and Finance for Entrepreneurs (Spring)

Elective Curriculum

Entrepreneurship graduate certificate students must take at least 6 hours of elective coursework. Elective options include the following, but are not limited to: General Electives

  • CTE 5417 Sustainability and Human Rights in the Business World
  • COA 5400 Consumers in the Marketplace
  • ENT 5XXX The Corporate Intrapreneur
  • ENT 5225 Human Resource Management
  • ENT 5942 Graduate Internship

Social & Sustainable Enterprises

  • ENT 5XXX Measuring ESG Impact
  • ENT 5805 Leveraging Technology to Achieve Sustainability Goals
  • ENT 5634 Systems Thinking: Solving Wicked Problems
  • ENT 5806 Sustainable Value Chain for the Net Zero World
  • ENT 5XXX Raising ESG and Impact Capital

Product Development

  • ENT 5608 Product Design
  • ENT 5606 Product Development Analytics
  • ENT 5246 Promotional & Pricing Implementation
  • ENT 5609 Prototyping

Hospitality Entrepreneurship

  • HMG 5466 Hospitality Revenue Management
  • HMG 5465 Hospitality Financial Management
  • HMG 5697 Legal Environment of Hospitality and Tourism Operations
  • HMG 5501 Marketing Strategy
  • HMG 5258 Innovative Practices in Lodging Management
  • HMG 5229 Management Ethics
  • HMG 5944 Graduate Hospitality Internship
  • HMG 5655 Franchising and Management Agreements

Textiles & Apparel Entrepreneurship

  • CTE 5475 Developing and Designing Sustainable Products
  • CTE 5435 Textiles for Interiors
  • CTE 5445 Advancements in Textile Technologies (prereq: CTE1401)
  • CTE 5444 Quality Assurance Assessment (prereq: CTE5445)
  • CTE 5125 Design Thinking

International Experience Curriculum An international program (IP) experience is highly encouraged. The following IP opportunities are available throughout the year:

  • Textiles and Apparel in Florence, Italy
  • Exploring Hospitality Entrepreneurship in Florence, Italy
  • Supply Chain in Panama City, Panama
  • Hospitality Management in Valencia, Spain