Jim Moran College of Entrepreneurship Internships

Jim Moran College of Entrepreneurship has an internship requirement for all Entrepreneurship majors. This internship may be the first introduction to the career field that a student is studying in and/or wishes to pursue post-college. The internship experience is coordinated by faculty, Roxanne Parker (Undergraduate Retail Entrepreneurship Majors) and Britain Dwyre Riley (Undergraduate Commerical & STEM Entrepreneurship Majors & Graduate Students). The college has had a 100% placement rate over the years, with many interns accepting positions as a result of their internship placement, or with the offer of their internship position. The opportunities are endless to prepare for a successful career, and students are encouraged to pursue opportunities in both corporate and entrepreneurial settings. While we appreciate the work, students are doing building their own business ventures, we require that all JMC students conduct their internship at an approved organization where they do not have a management or leadership role and/or direct family connection. We find internships at other companies provide learning opportunities the students would not have, which in turn strengthens their businesses. Internships are a minimum of 8 weeks and 240 hours.

Each fall newly accepted students to the JMC will be enrolled in the ENT 1940 internship preparation class and each spring students will be enrolled in the ENT 1942, Internship Preparation: Next Level. In these classes, students will learn about the internship application process and internship guidelines. These courses must be completed before you are eligible for a summer, fall, or spring internship. 

Internships are carefully structured to ensure a meaningful experience and are also faculty-supervised. For internships to count toward your required coursework, students must complete the internship agreement form and gain approval prior to the start of their internship. Once approved, students will enroll in ENT 4943: Entrepreneurship Internship class for 3 credit hours. The class is structured, and assignments are due throughout the internship, to be submitted via Canvas. It is the responsibility of the intern to partner with their assigned internship mentor at the company to develop a structure for their time interning with the company.