Faculty Contact: Dr. Jeff Whalen

Equipment: Multiple virtual and augmented reality headsets (will be more in the future but currently have two Oculus Quest2 headsets and one Microsoft Hololens), two computers, mechatronic prototyping component bench (stocked as needed but containing all necessary basic inventory like soldering iron, breadboards, array of electrical parts, actuators, various sensors, etc.), whiteboards, 3D printer.

Training: 30min initial basic training required (administered by STEME Lab director or director designee), equipment specific training (time requirement varies by equipment, administered through online platform), all training will be signed up for using the STEME Lab website.

Scheduling/Utilizing the Space: Utilization of the STEME Lab will be managed using the STEME Lab website and will be given on a first come first served rotating basis unless otherwise determined by STEME Lab director).

To increase the culture and awareness of STEM Entrepreneurship (STEME) through the creation of a headquarters on the main campus that serves all of the FSU community including students, faculty, and staff. The STEME Lab will provide resources, expertise, and other assets specifically tailored to the unique needs of practicing STEME.